Studien zu ‘Ein Film ist ein Film ist ein Film…’ (2011 – 2012)

This project is a series of short films dealing with the topic of ‘memory and forgetting’. The term STUDIE has been chosen due to the fact that the singular parts are not really stand-alone pieces, but they have a symbiotic relationship to each other. The numeration refers to the the number of actors in the particular STUDIE. Every installment deals in a different manner with the main subject in respect of story, material and filmic means.

1. STUDIE is based on a story by Oliver Sacks. The protagonist Christina loses her self-perception and in consequence the control over her extremities.
The montage of the film tries to mirror this loss. This lack of control over itself is very suitable for the beginning of a series of films concering themselves with the question what film is and what it can do. Because only if you question yourself you will be able to grow and find truth.

Dauer: 4:34min
Darsteller: Ula Okrojek
Musik: Alejandro del Valle-Lattanzio

2. STUDIE is based on the story of Oedipus mixed with THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW and UN CHIEN ANDALOU.
The protagonist is caught in a loop and bound to repeat the same mistake over and over again.
In this installment there can be found various different styles and media: fixed camera in front of a brick wall and actors wearing masks as an allusion to Greek tragedy, intertwined HD and DV footage to symbolize present and past happening at the same time and lastly a montage of analog photographs as a way to move the story into the realm of memory.

Dauer: 7:26min
Darsteller: Martina Berlinger, Daniel Schwabeneder
Musik: Alejandro del Valle-Lattanzio

3. STUDIE tells one story in three different variations not consecutively, but intertwined into one narrative.
The plot of this short film could be compared to antic mythology: it is about light and dark (personified) fighting for the reign over man.
The montage follows the rhythm of the dance that was choreographed specifically for this film.
The color scheme chosen for the three characters is an allusion to Godard (e.g. LE MEPRIS).

Dauer: 12:37min
Darsteller: Christoph Alten, Daniel Prattinger, David Mayrhofer

4. STUDIE is sort of an adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s ‘An ideal husband’, but only as far as the dialog is concerned.
The plot could be summarized as a fever dream triggered by a mass suicide at the end of a distinguished dinner party with lots of witty banter.
Almost the whole film consits only of tableaux as to highlight the rigor the protagonists are actually in.

Dauer: 11:27min
Darsteller: Janne Ganzer, Cornelius Edlefsen, Carolyn Amann, Julia Mij
Musik: Alejandro del Valle-Lattanzio

The voice-over in 5. STUDIE has been composed of song lyrics from five bands, who have been chosen, first of all, because of the important personal meaning to the filmmaker and ,secondly, because they all deal with the topic of memories.
The visual level serves in this case mostly as an auxiliary tool to emphasize the mood and help the audience to get into a contemplative way of perceiving.

Dauer: 8:19min
Texte: Arcade Fire, Bright Eyes, Death Cab for Cutie, Elliott Smith, Tiger Lou
Musik: Alejandro del Valle-Lattanzio

6. STUDIE only works with the power of the images and the sound to convey the story told.

Dauer: 10:51min
Darsteller: Likewise
Musik: Likewise

7. STUDIE has been composed of private, everyday material shoot back in 2005; not for any specific reason, just for the sake of filming.
Now, seven years later, the person who used to be behind the camera recording sits in front of a computer and wonders what these images are trying to say.
The voice-over deals with the fundamental difference between images that were recorded with a camera and the ones we store in our mind. The latter are charged with meaning (at least for ourselves), the former are cold and analytical, but still stronger due to their inherent possibility of repetition.

Dauer: 5:43min

8. STUDIE was realized by Philipp Kaindl in a trade of scripts.

9. STUDIE shifts the visual focus away from the protagonists and their cliché of a love story to the extras usually confined to the background. The sound keeps the various scenes glued together.
It is an experiment to get away from the viewer’s identification with the (anti-)hero.

Dauer: 11:23min
Darsteller: Theresa Gusenleitner, Dominik Heizmann, Evelyn Loschy, Pen Chenches, Josephine Ahnelt, Lisa Kulmer, Yolanda Puschkin, Barbara Wiesinger, Leopold Himmelfahrtspointner
Musik: DAWA

10. + 11. STUDIE are together the 21st.
DIE EINGESPERRTEN is a self-contained short film taken from the 21st.

12. STUDIE shows the end of a relationship not as it is happening, but after the fact; in the mind of the protagonist. Past becomes present once again. Because the events are current it is possible to achieve change and therefor closure.
The couple is portrayed by not only two, but twelve actors. This fact opens the film up for interpretation by not limiting the story to one specific incident and making it more universal.

Length: 15:21min
Actors: Julia Sternthal, Angel, Marilies Jagsch, David Aufdembrinke, Len Jakobsen, Matthias Lindenthal, William Kristen, Bastiana Konstantin, Anja Kerrinnes, Lili Schagerl, Diaconescu Radu, Kathrin Hoedl-Rausek
Music: Alejandro del Valle-Lattanzio